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What is Shea?


The Shea is a natural product coming from the Butyrosperum Partii. It is a tree that only grows in Central and West Africa. It gives nuts in which there is a naturally very greasy almond.


What are its properties?


The Shea is naturally rich in vitamin A, D, E and F, which each of them are very important for the human organism.

Furthermore, the Shea has restorative properties in addition to being an excellent moisturizer and softener for the skin. It is particularly recommended for dry skin. It is also good to apply on superficial wounds.


Caprina product line also exists with a Shea Butter fragrance. Combined with fresh goat’s milk, Caprina’s Shea Butter line offers hydration and softness to your skin and leaves a gentle scent all day long.

Please click here for more information

Li’l Goat’s baby wipes

Like all Li’l Goat’s product line, the baby wipes have been designed specifically for the sensitive skin of children.

In its formulation we have integrated our lotion with fresh goat’s milk. That’s why they clean so well and moisturize as well as leaving a delicate perfume.

You will also be happy with their strength. They are made not to tear while using them.

Li’l Goat’s baby wipes are offered in pack 80 and in a pack of 10 so they fit in the baby’s bag.

They are dermatologist tested and never tested on animals.


For more information about the  baby wipes and the complete line of Li’l Goat’s products, please visit: http://www.caprina.com/canada/en/brands/lil-goat/index.html

Relaxing Caprina bath time!

What is your secret to unwind and relax during the winter? At Canus, we take a bath.

Lying down in warm water and being enchanted by the creamy foam bubble bath with a soothing scent is a good way to help us forget of our daily concerns.

Soaking in Caprina’s foaming milk is good for the spirit as well as your skin. Our fresh goat’s milk bubble bath would have been worthy even for Cleopatra.

Have you tried the new Caprina foaming milk bath yet? If yes, click “like” and leave a comment to tell us what fragrance you preferred and what you think about it.

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